Wednesday, 17 September 2014

NAILED IT! | Acrylics by Shavata Nail Bar

Happy Hump Day Lovebugs!

One of my favourite things to do EVER is to get my claws did. I've been getting my acrylics done with Shavata, Dundrum for almost two years now - completely addicted if you can't already tell - but this is the first appearance they've made on the blawwgg as I've been giving my nails a chance to breath over the Summer!

You've probably heard me yap on about Shavata, Dundrum before - they're the only place I go for eyebrow threading (you can find a post on that here) and gel / acrylic nails! The girls are super friendly and I never leave the place not completely in love with my fresh new set of nails! You know when you just trust someone with your nails or your hair or your eyebrows - yeah that's the bond I've got with this place!

This post kind of ties in to my mini Graduation series - I found an excuse to get my nails did especially for the occasion. I opted for a nude-ish pink 3 week polish and went all out by bedazzling my ring finger with different sized stones & pearls - you can't beat a statement nail! (BTW, all those babies are still in tact 2 weeks on!)

I always tend to go for a slightly pointed almond shaped nail because it suits my nail bed / the length of my fingers best. I can't help but feelin' super sassy with these babies on! I always get asked if it's super hard to do anything with such long nails, but it's really not - I can apply makeup both to myself and other people, I can type, txt, cook... you name it really. They're not sore at all to apply or remove either!

I've had these on now for almost 2 weeks, so I'll more than likely get another week and a half out of them before I have to get refills with the rate that my nails grow - but I'm so excited to have my claws back!

Also, if you're looking for somewhere to get your nails done in the Dublin area that is totally professional but with super friendly staff and a really relaxed atmosphere - you should really check out Shavata in Harvey Nichols Dundrum!
You can find all their deets here - Harvey Nichols Website

I know they're not everyones taste but I'd love to know if you'd rock this style of nail?
Let me know in the comments below!


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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What's On My Face | Graduation Day Makeup

Hey Luvbuggss!

Today I'm back with another post for my mini graduation series (I'm also back with blonder hair and a new background, whadda ya think?). As promised, I've decided to recreate my Graduation Day makeup look with the aim of helping some of you lovelies who aren't too sure what's appropriate for the day - to be honest, I wasn't sure either until I started messing around with my makeup stash.

Graduation days call for photographs... a lot of photographs - so while your makeup should be natural, you also want it to stand out and look flawless on camera!

I spent a lot of time on my base, buffing my Inglot YSM foundation in well - highlighting and contouring are also my best friends when the cameras are on me, so I broke out a slightly lighter concealer to brighten up my face!

When it came to the eyes, I decided a really soft smoke was the best way to go - paired with some super black liner from The Balm (yes, it's my go to) and flirty lashes from Eylure, you really can't go wrong with this look. It makes just enough of a statement without going overboard!

On the lips I opted for my go to duo - Stone & Blankety from MAC. LOVE . LOVE . LOVE!

And here's a list of the products I used incase you'd like to recreate the look yourself!

Foundation: Inglot YSM (50)
Concealer: MUFE Full Cover Concealer (5)
Loose Translucent Setting Powder
Contour: MAC 'Uninterrupted'

Brow Kit: Benefit Browzings
Brow Bone: MAC 'Mylar'
Crease: Inglot 327 & 357 (Same on lower lash line)
Liquid Liner: The Balm 'Schwing'
Pencil Liner: MAC 'Feline'
Lashes: Eyelure 101's
Mascara: Maybelline 'The Falsies'

Liner: MAC 'Stone'
Lipstick: MAC 'Blankety'

Would you wear something like this for a graduation?
Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

What I Wore | Graduation Day Edition

Oh heyyyy strangers!
Mhmmm, I know! I've been a bit of a bold blogger for the past couple of weeks but not because I've been lazy, I've been super busy! I promise! I may not have had new content as often as I'd have liked over the last week or two but it's not all bad, it means that I've gathered up LOTS of new material for you all to feast your eyes on!

Today's post is somewhat of an explanation for my absence! Last week I graduated from University with a real life degree - WHAT? Seriously, those three years went in quicker than you could imagine! The day was a little bit bitter sweet though. Sitting in the hall realising that I wasn't going to be going back to classes the following week felt a little weird, sad almost - never thought I'd hear myself saying that. BUUUTTT, I did get the chance to dress up and pop on a cap and gown, and let's face it that's half the fun of graduating!

I thought my graduation would be the perfect excuse to kick start some more fashion posts here on the blawwwg, so here goes!

I'm gonna be honest with you here, I'd actually searched around Dublin for 2 days straight for something to wear to my graduation and left only to go back to my own closet the night before and rummage around for something to wear - really though, I'm glad. It meant that I didn't have to shell out a fortune on a new outfit. Haha.

Just a personal opinion, but I think that classy and sophisticated is the way to go for a graduation - and let's face it, nothing is more classy than pearls and a little black dress. I fell in love with this strapless bandeau prom style dress from River Island all the way back in February (it's the perfect length for my height) and thought that it'd be fab paired with my new grey wool coat from Zara.

On a side note, black is kinda perf. for wearing under your robe and you can be sure it's not going to clash with your University's colours.

If it's kinda unclear as to what I'm wearing under the coat, here's a closer look!
What I Wore - Graduation Edition

To accessorise, I popped on my most comfortable heals from River Island just to make sure there was no chance of me tripping up the stairs en route to collect my certificate. I grabbed my go to chain mail clutch from Biba, threw on my chunky pearl necklace from Zara and stacked up rings like there was no tomorrow. 

Considering I had absolutely no idea what I was wearing the night before my graduation, I'm actually really happy with how my outfit turned out. It's chic and timeless and you really can't go wrong with that little pairing!

I'll be popping up some more graduation posts throughout the week so you can get a closer look at my nails and makeup but for now I hope you've enjoyed the first of *hopefully* more personal style posts!

XO, G.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rings & Things Haul| feat. Pandora & River Island

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm addicted to buying rings.

This addiction seems to show it's little head right around the time when I'm about to get my acrylic nails did... and low and behold, I'll be getting them done next week (don't worry, I'll fill ya'll in on that when the time comes!). Something about stacking oodles of rings when I've got my claws on makes me so excited, so in preparation for next week I had a little bit of a ring spree!

Firstly I hit my favourite - River Island.
This place is DA BOMMMB if you're looking for inexpensive midi/knuckle/thumb rings... and when I say inexpensive I mean it. You can pick up those bad boys for €2-€4. It's like they're trying to fuel my addiction!! I picked these 3 gems up for €4 each and I've been rocking them every day since!

and then I somehow wandered into Pandora...
I'll admit it, I haven't worn something from Pandora in a long time but I came across their ring collection and it's everything! I've actually had my eye on this beaut for awhile now but never actually got my ass into the shop to purchase it. Luckily I had my lovely other half with me and he picked it up for me as an early anniversary present of sorts - thanks B!

The design is purrrfect and I love that the band is so thin - it doesn't feel as if your wearing something clunky but it sure makes a statement! I lahhhve!

Are you a ring gal or do you like to free the phalanges? (Lol, I'm channeling Phoebe from Friends)
Let me know in the comments!

XO, G.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

All About Ombre | Makeup Look


I'm not even gonna lie, I'm kinda glad that the weather is getting more Autumny - why? Because I can wear all the dark lip colours! Haha.. I've been wanting to rock an ombre lip for awhile but with the weather still being quite warm I wasn't feelin' it - until today! It rained and rained and was cloudy - that's dark lip weather for me! :P

Anyway, enough about the weather affecting my lipstick choices - take a closer look at this weeks makeup look!

I decided to go with a more neutral / muted eye as the lips were quite vampy anyhoo. It's much more prominent in person, but I've also added some gold shadow to the inner corners of my eye to open them up - it's a nice change from your usual whites/silvers.

The lip... oh the lip! I transferred my love of the ombre look from my hair onto my lips using a dark liner with a red lip. I could have made the difference in shades a little more obvious by using black but decided to go with something a little more wearable! I also think this lipstick might have some form of plumping ingredient as my lips were starting to tingle when I applied it - let's hope that was intended. Haha. If it wasn't I won't complain - I've now got plumper lips! 

And that's about it you guys!

If you'd like to recreate this look, here's a list of the products I used:

Foundation: Inglot YSM (49)
Concealer: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (5)
Setting Powder: Bobbi Brown Loose Powder (Pale Yellow)
Contour: MAC 'Uninterrupted'
Highlight: MAC 'Soft & Gentle'

Base: MAC 'Soft Ochre' & UD 'WOS' from Naked Basics Palette
Crease: Inglot 327 & UD 'Crave' from Naked Basics Palette
Blend with: Inglot 357 & 341
Brow Bone: 351
Inner Corner: Inglot 405

Liner: MAC 'Current'
Lipstick: The Balm 'Mia Moore'

How do you feel about ombre lips?
Let me know in the comments!

XO, G.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Let's face it, we all love a good hack in life whether it's beauty related or not - anything that's gonna make something faster or easier is always good in my books. Haha. I swear, I'm not as lazy as I sound.

Today I thought I'd throw together a few beauty hacks (I say hacks because it makes them sound important. Haha) that I've learned over the years that may be of some use to you all!

1 - Mascara - It's one of my favourite makeup products but I can't help but somehow plaster my skin in the stuff when I'm applying it - but fear not!! If you've had an accident with the mascara, no need to get out the baby wipes and start wiping away half of your makeup with it. Wait for the mascara to completely dry, then grab a q-tip and swipe it away. It'll flake off so easily and make it look like you know what you're doing with a mascara wand. Haha.

2 - If you find that bobby pins have zero grip in your hair and slide out constantly, spray them with a lil' bitta hairspray. It'll make them more tacky. Those babies won't be going anywhere soon!

3 - Another hairspray trick! If you're heading out for the night in a new pair of heels and you can find yourself slipping all over the place before you've even left the house, spray some hairspray on the soles of your shoes! I'm clumsy as hell, so I'll still manage to fall over somehow, but at least it won't be due to my slippery shoes! Haha.

4 - I'm sure lots of people know this little trick already but anyhoos. To stop yourself from having one of those awkward moments when you're caught with lipstick all over your teeth, after you've applied your lipstick, stick a finger in your mouth, close your lips over your finger and drag it out - you'll find the stuff that may have got all over your teeth will now be on your finger - problem solved!

5 - To achieve the perfect manicure, apply a few thin layers of nail polish rather than one big old thick one. Trust me, it'll dry quicker, look better and save you going back trying to fix what you just done!

6 - Don't just apply perfume randomly - spray it to the areas where it'll be most likely to last the longest aka. behind the ears, at the base of the throat, your wrists & elbows. You'll be smelling faboosh all day long gurl!

7 - Don't waste makeup products that come in tubes! When you think it's coming near it's end, cut the tube open, scoop out what's left and put in an empty jar - theres probably more there than you'd think!

8 - Don't throw away your favourite mascara brushes. Clean them and use them with other mascaras who's formulas you love but who's brushes you don't!

9 - Having problems with your hair being frizzy when you go to dry it? Other than using de-frizzing sprays and the likes, if you dry your hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel you'll create less friction and voila, less frizz!

10 - To create a more flawless (you gotta say it like Beyonce) base, make sure to dab your setting powder over your liquid foundation rather than sweep it - sweeping will just remove the work you've already done by wiping away half of your foundation!

What are your favourite beauty hacks?
Let me know in the comments, I could always use some more!

XO, G.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Face Full Of Fuschia | Brand Focus

Heyuuhh Love-bugs!

I'm just gonna be honest and start off this post by saying that literally the day before these little bad boys from Fuschia landed at my doorstep, I had read a bit of a negative review of the brand. Naturally enough, when I rummaged through the box to test the products out yesterday I didn't have very high expectations... but let's see how I got on, shall we?

First of all, I tried to use as many of the products as physically possible in the one makeup look so that you could get a lil' look see at them. I haven't photographed the Primer or Highlighter as they're only little samples but I'm definitely happy with them. The face primer is as good as Baby Skin from Maybelline and the highlighter actually reminds me a little of Benefit's 'High Beam' - always a good sign. But let's get on to the rest...


'Vamp' Lipstick - €13.50
Vamp is... just that.. vampy! Haha. It's a gorgeous burgundy shade that I can't wait to start wearing now that we're transitioning into Autumn - it's gonna be very purdy! The finish is somewhat like MAC's Lustre finish - it's got a fab sheen but weirdly enough feels a little stiff when you're applying it (almost like a matte lipstick would). It does seem to melt into the lips and get softer as it wears. I'd recommend you pop this in your handbag for touch-ups as it does wear away if you're eating, like many lipsticks do - you might expect a bit more from this though considering it's pricing is on par with MAC (€13.50). But I can't fault it other than that. It's a fab shade - I got tonnes of compliments on this today too!

'Eggplant' Lip Pencil - €12.96
Now this... this I LOVE! I've got a bit of an obsession with lip pencils that's starting to show it's evil little face. Haha. So I've basically been picking up lip pencils left, right and centre. What I like about this - other than the gorgeous colour is the fact that it's so soft. It applies like an absolute dream - I even had to show my Moma! Haha. I would easily use this on it's own with a bit of gloss and be happy bunny! The lasting power is also on point - it was still there when the lipstick wasn't.

Two for you Fuschia!

'Party Girl' & 'Love Affair' Lip Laquer (Full Size - €16.50)
Another one of my favourites from the bunch. These are so freekin' pigmented you guys! They also feel so buttery and yummy on your lips. They're really similar to Rimmel Apocolips but a lot less sticky - which is great! No hair stuck in the lipstick prollems! There really isn't much more I can say. I like 'em & I'll definitely be usin' 'em!


Brow Wax Kit - €15.50
I've gotta say, I was a little bit sceptical in using this stuff at first because it's so similar to my Browzings kit from Benefit and ya'll know that shizz is ma baby! But I must admit defeat - this was really great. It's nice and compact, includes a powder and a wax.. and a mirror (the bottom flips up) and it tamed the beasts that are my brows at the minute (they need sorting out badly). I think I'll be turning to this little thang soon as my Browzings kit is nearing it's end!

'Make-Your-Own' Five Pan Palette - €40
Again.. another one I was slightly sceptical about but only because of my love of Inglot at the minute. For a five pan palette I'm pretty sure Inglot & Fuschia come in at the same price... if not, they're very close. I wasn't expecting the shadows to be too pigmented... they are. Gotta give them credit where it's due. I actually really like this as a little neutrals palette! The wine colour is fab - nice little addition!

So what's the final verdict?...
Overall, I think my low expectations were kinda turned on their head. Apart from a few little mishaps with the lasting power of the lipstick, the quality and pigmentation of everything else seemed really nice. I'll definitely be reaching for the lip lacquers and the lip pencil again super soon. If I was to pick out something small - I could see people having some issues with the pricing of a few of the items - but you tell  me? What do you think? 

Fuschia have two stand alone stores in Drogheda & Swords and can be found in countless beauticians around the country - they're definitely worth checking out!

Have you tried anything from Fuschia?

XO, G.

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